To build a practice that serves farmers and small business owners by giving them the confidence to make the informed decisions about their family, their business, and their future legacy.  We will develop personal insights into their lives and help them clarify their goals, values and dreams, as well as the role money plays in their world.  Developing these deep relationships and providing tremendous value I want to make it easy for them to refer me to neighbours and friends who ultimately become lifelong clients of the firm.


We are passionate about understanding what is important to our clients so we can help protect their estates as it transfers to the next generation.  Our mission is to have the deep conversations with our clients who may not necessarily have the opportunity to discuss where their estates will end up in the future, about how to maintain family harmony, and transfer their lifestyle to the next generation.


Set high standards

Our clients set high standards for themselves, and we expect to meet or exceed those expectations.  It’s important to know what those are, so we can do what’s right for them.


Our clients value integrity.  We believe we must do what we say we will do and to meet our obligations.


Money is safety.  It allows us to take better risks and make better decisions that affect the future. Security allows us to do what we want, when we want.  It means we are in control of our lives and how we live it.


We care deeply about what we do in life.  If we don’t, we won’t act in the best interest of ourselves and our families.  It adds enjoyment to what we do.


Our clients trust and listen to us; through deep conversations, they give us  their everything so that we can understand and help them reach their goals.