The way we work is to first find out what your priorities are.  We are not here to find out just about your financial situation.  We are here to use our many years of providing financial security planning and advice for our clients and to apply that knowledge in a way that’s meaningful to you.

Whether you are focused on protecting what you have built, your personal legacy, or the legacy of your family, Calibaba Wealth Management works with you to develop the confidence to make the right decisions that drive your future goals.

Fundamentally, we guide you through the conversations around your Dreams, Vision, and Goals and link them with protecting and passing on what you’ve built to the next generation.  It’s a fully collaborative process that not only involves the client, but other professionals and advisors to fully leverage expertise.

The Process


The first step is to determine if we are a good fit.  We want to take the time to dig deep and go beyond scratching the surface to help our clients determine what their Dreams, Vision, and Goals are as many times they are not sitting at the forefront of their minds.  We want to be clear, not only on your financial situation, but also your current situation as it applies to your family or business priorities.


Using the information obtained we review, study and analyze the data, and how they link to the Dreams, Vision, and Goals of our clients.  There are a lot of options out there, but not all fit your unique situation.  We specialize in finding the right solutions at the right time for the right reasons, and we may meet again to confirm we are on the right path.


After careful consideration and building a strategy to achieve the Dreams, Vision, and Goals as if they were our own, we typically build up to three scenarios, any of which will work well.  The discussion and conversation we have together around the options help our clients confidently select the one that feels work best for them, their family or their business.


After reviewing and understanding your options. We will agree on the direction for the plan and work with you and your family along with your other professionals to ensure smooth implementation of the plan.


Our work together is not a onetime process. As your situation changes, we’ll spend time together to update and adjust your plan. We meet regularly to review and ensure that the plan is working to protect and preserve everything you have built.